Twenty questions ice breaker game

20 questions ice breaker gameTwenty Questions is a very well known and popular ice breaker which is also sold as a game for kids and adults alike. However it’s easy to make and play your own version.

How to play the Twenty Questions ice breaker game

Firstly you will need to create a set of cards for the players to hold, or for more fun, you could make  some cardboard headbands or crowns and stick either a picture of an object to it, or a word describing something (depending on your planned outcome) for the ice breaker. You can use sellotape, or if you want to reuse the cards and headbands, try Blu Tak or even more permanently, some velcro dots.

Next distribute one card to each player.

There are two ways to play Twenty Questions:

  1. The player is given their card without seeing it and has to ask other players questions in order to find out what’s written or pictured on it.
  2. The player knows what’s on their card but the other players don’t and they are asking questions to find out what it is.

Next, explain to the group that each person has twenty questions to guess what is on the other person’s card, however the person being questioned can only answer yes or no – nothing else!!

This can now continue in an informal way with players moving from player to player, or, it can be made more structured by players taking turns to ask questions of each other. This gives the leader or teacher a better chance of helping out where necessary. For instance if this is done in a group learning to speak English, the teacher will be able to help with words and grammar.

Where to play Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions can be played at a party where, as each person arrives, they are given a card and have to go round other party goers to ask questions, or in the more formal setting of a training session.

In a formal educational or corporate training session setting, it’s up to the session leader to set the tone and content of this ice breaker. There can be very useful learning outcomes if used correctly and with imagination as well as being a fun and easy way to get to know other members of the group better.

Twenty Questions usually receives positive reviews from everyone who takes part so it’s well worth the time to set up a game (or two) for any session you are planning for.

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